If you are the Telenor customer and you want to know its SMS packages then check out this post. In this article we will be highlighting the Telenor SMS packages for the readers. If you are a Telenor customer then this article will going to come across as much informative for you.

Telenor is one of the leading cellular companies in Pakistan. This network has been associated with the Pakistan telecommunication world since the last few years. This network has always appeared in line with the cheapest calling rates plus the affordable international roaming and amazing SMS bundle offers as well. There offered packages and bundles have been always been liked by their customers and even sometimes grabs the attention of rest of the network users as well.

Telenor SMS Packages


Telenor has always given their best of the best SMS packages to their customers. The users take exceptional fun in sending the unlimited messages to all the networks without any hurdles. They always make sure that their specified rates are minimum for the customers so that they can stay back in competition with their rivals. There are different kinds of the SMS bundles such as morning, evening, night time, weekly daily, fortnightly, monthly and so on.

In the below article we are going to share the complete details of Telenor SMS Packages for the readers.


1.      In this offer the customers will be allowed to send the unlimited messages to all the networks for 5 days.

2.      The users will be getting the bundle of 200 SMS in this package.

3.      The cost of this SMS bundle is Rs. 5 plus tax.

4.      After 5 days the users have to one more time get activated with this offer for using it one more time.

5.      You can even dial 555 for knowing more details about this bundle from your Telenor number.


1.      This bundle is based upon the fortnight category that will allow the customers to make the unlimited SMS to all the networks for 15 days.

2.      This offer will be providing 450 SMS bundle.

3.      The charges for this bundle will be Rs. 10 plus tax.

4.      This offer is just valid for the Telenor Talkshawk customers.


1.      This is also a fortnight SMS package but it is much different in respect with the availability of number of SMS.

2.      This offer will be providing almost 1500 SMS to all the networks.

3.      This offer can be activated at the cost of Rs. 30 plus tax.

4.      After 15 days the customers has to one more time get subscribed with this offer as the validity time will be all over.


1.      In this bundle the customers will be getting the SMS on the basis of daily terms.

2.      In this bundle the users will be getting 150 SMS.

3.      The charges for the activation will be Rs. 2.50 plus tax.

4.      If the customers want to check their SMS status then they can free of cost dial *111#.

So these were some of the best Telenor SMS packages for the Telenor users! If you just love sending the unlimited messages to your closed ones then get connected with these SMS packages right now.